Get inspired by the wonders of Cork

As the built environment endeavours to utilise more sustainable building materials, cork is increasingly becoming a popular choice, and its easy to see why. Swiss studio Dost has transformed a 1960s restaurant into a heart treatment centre in Zurich, featuring cork-lined cubicles and waiting rooms. From floor to ceiling, desks, counters, cabinets, and walls are covered in cork. Natural cork provides for a comfortable sound reverberation, regulates humidity, and absorbs odours. Cork gives a warmer feeling to the white environment, enveloping clients in a sense of peace and providing a natural element to a typically sterile space.

Another example of the versality and beauty of cork is the simple and environmentally friendly design of Sobreiras Country Hotel. The flooring choice follows this principle, and the chosen look, Cork, is the epitome of nature. Not only is this aesthetic in line with the beautiful surroundings, but the additional benefits that come with the cork flooring make the space even more inviting; silent, comfortable and with an optimal temperature all year round. From sound insulation to its natural thermal insulation properties the advantages of utilising cork should not be overlooked. Posted by jane&paul (Pty) Ltd.

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