What does your Employment Brand look like?

You might ask, what is Employment Brand? Employment Brand is your company’s Employment Value Proposition; how you treat people, your employee experience. A good example of getting this right is SRAM, a bicycle component innovator. SRAM’s headquarters are housed in a century old cold storage building. Working with the design company Wilken&perkin, SRAM staff were given offices around the perimeter of the building, to ensure no obstruction to light and views. Then, they added the hero of the space, the test bike track.  The bike track weaves through the office space, stitching it all together. Along the path are a variety of cool touch points – a machine shop, a test lab, meeting spaces, and a social hub.

Discovering 90% of staff commute to work by bicycle, they included bike storage near each workstation, larger locker rooms, a 150-bike storage space, and a bike wash station. SRAM created these amenities to support the health and wellness of staff. For employees, you are inspired by the talent around you and the immersive company culture. For SRAM, it attracts the right talent that drives growth and innovation.

Posted by jane&paul (Pty) Ltd an experienced brand architecture design company based in Cape Town, South Africa.