jane&paul pull out all the stops in their knockout Ministerial Lounge design and installation at AOW 2023.

 jane&paul collaborated with well know South African Artist and designer @NicholasdeKlerk to decorate and dress the Ministerial Lounge at AOW 2023. The results were beyond stunning.  Incredible detail and intricately layered artwork installations were used as feature walling, wall hangings, chandeliers and novelty pieces.  Huge thanks to Nicholas for his enthusiasm, hard work and everything he brought to the project.

Entrance to Ministerial Louge at AOW 2023

Reception area in Ministerial Lounge at AOW 2023 with decorated paper plates backdrop and lighting feature

Semiprivate and Casual Seating areas. Cross-stitching art works and recycled photographic prints for lighting and chandeliers.

Cardboard tubes and decor string made of puzzle pieces, animals from Africa and beams tell the story of the deep connection between people, natural resources and industry.

Boardroom “a la chic”.

Craft decor backdrops to casual seating and meeting areas.

exhibition stand design, exhibition stand builders.

Storytelling with art and curiosities

Always plants.


Each piece produced is crafted from pre-used items. Cut up photographic prints make a chandelier.

Glass storage jar make a showcase for African Animals.