jane&paul design and build feature areas at AfricaTech 2023

jane&paul were honoured to be asked to design feature areas at the AfricaCom – AfricaTech exhibition held in Cape Town.

The brief included a Main Stage area for 150 px, the Founders Academy Stage for 50 pax, and a Networking Lounge and an Investors Lounge. Drawing from our stock of sustainable custom modular infrastructure, jane&paul had a seamless build on time and in budget.   Since its development the jane&paul range of responsibly sourced, ply and pine, modular exhibition infrastructure has been used at over 5 international exhibitions from registration areas to investor lounges, coffee stations and many more.  Named “The Bethany” after our inspirational muse, the ingenuity of its design allows for it to be repurposed and rebranded with ease.  jane&paul offer a fresh perspective on sustainable exhibition design.

Main Stage at AfricaCom’s AfricaTech Festival by exhibition stand builders jane&paul

Investors Lounge by jane&paul at the AfricaTech Festival in Cape Town

View from the Investors Lounge through to the MarketPlace start ups.

MarketPlace Starts Up exhibition area by jane&paul at the AfricaTech Festival